Refer your clients to our real estate lawyer and receive a $250 referral fee.

** Offer Ends February 18, 2024 ** .

$300 Client Rebate

We will offer your client a $300 rebate towards their legal fee costs.

$2,000 Client Rebate

If your client is (or will be) a client of JWMortgages, we will offer a rebate up to a maximum of $2,000 for legal fee costs.

Terms and Conditions for Lawyer Referral Fee

  • Should the Client not use the application form and instead contact KPA Lawyers directly, they will need to mention Jason Wodlinger Mortgages to the lawyer. Failing to do so will prevent JWM from receiving credit for the lead and the Real Estate Agent will not receive the $250 referral fee
  • Client must produce an invoice from our lawyer confirming legal services used and all costs paid before the $250 referral fee is paid to real estate agent
  • Links to the application forms are note above