Home Equity Lines of Credit

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  • A Home Equity Line of Credit is like a credit card. Except the maximum amount you can use is much higher with a HELOC. The total loan you can get depends on the value of your house. Check out our calculators here
  • You can use as much or as little of the HELOC that you need. You can pay as much (or all) of the balance off as you want with no penalities.
  • Remember that whatever portion of the HELOC balance that you don’t pay off will incur interest payments charged to the account.
  • Contact JWMortgages if you want to understand more about what a HELOC is
  • renovations
  • new car, boat
  • wedding
  • travel
  • consolidate debt
  • working capital for a sole proprietorship
  • Do you have a non-standard situation? Book a no obligation consulation meeting with JWMortgages.
  • A great time to consider a HELOC is when you renew your mortgage every 3 or 5 years. If you life situation has changed talk with JWMortgaes about a HELOC
  • JWMortgages can help you both renew your mortgage and open a HELOC all at the same time. Let us take on all the work while you enjoy living your life.
  • Check out our Renewal Services
  • Refinancing or just opening a HELOC will require a lawyer. Check out JWMortgages partner KPA Law
  • Clients of JWMortgages receive rebates on legal fees. Contact us to learn more.
  • The amount of loan for which one can qualify depends on many factors: income, credit score, other debt – these are some of the most influential criteria for loan approval
  • JWMortgages can give you an estimate for a loan amount based on a quick 15 minute phone call
  • For an approximate estimate check out our calculator
  • Your HELOC payments depend on many factors: loan value, interest rates, minimum required payments – these are all critical elements
  • JWMortgages can give you an estimate for loan payments based on a quick 15 minute phone call
  • For an estimate check out our payment calculator
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