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What people are saying about Jason Wodlinger

Jason is fantastic to work with and extremely collaborative. He would be the first to find solutions to complicated problems. He is self-motivated, methodical and a forward thinker. Jason’s digital expertise was an asset at any planning or brain-storming session. I highly recommend Jason he has a strong track record of innovation and growth.

Over the many years I provided Jason with online ad operations services, he rapidly became one of my favourite clients. Keen to learn and understand an area he was thrust into unexpectedly, he quickly absorbed every detail of operations in a way upper management rarely does. When something went great, he took the time to let you know you did great work. When something went bad, he took the time to figure out who made what mistake, and how we could all avoid things like that in the future.

Jason’s diligence, attention to detail and thoroughness is only matched by his postivie attitude. He is a strategic thinker who looks at all aspects of the business to make the best decision. He is a team player who would be an asset to any organization.

I was a producer of a feature film under the auspices of the Canadian Film Centre and Jason was our regular contact there. He did a stellar job of keeping us on track, making sure we were up to speed with the Film Centre’s needs and feedback, and generally coordinating activities between the film’s producers and the Film Centre. He was always a pleasure to deal with.

Jason is organized, detail-oriented and knowledgeable. His ability to prioritize and negotiate while working on tight deadlines is impressive. He is a valuable team member and a pleasure to work with.

I have known Jason for the last 7 years and I was the Sr. Director to whom he last reported. As the digital expert in the Toronto office Jason provided leadership and guidance for the product, sales and marketing departments. His innovation and creative problem solving drove significant revenue growth. Always passionate about his work and full of energy, Jason was a highly valued employee at Quebecor. I would recommend Jason for any company looking to exceed objectives and drive growth.

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