Tips for buying Rental Property

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  • investing in property that generates income is a strategic method to diversity your wealth
  • properties of interest may include 3 story walk-up apartments, an entire house, basement apartment…etc
  • JWMortgages can explain the benefits and risks of rental property as well as the specific manner in which lenders evaluate these mortgage appilcations
  • Meet our recommended financial advisors to help you invest this new revenue stream
  • Contact JWMortgages if you want to discuss your options – a no obligations, transparent and blunt conversation
  • Lenders tend to ask more questions about rural properties because of wells/septic tanks, road access etc.
  • JWMortgages can answer all lender questions on your behalf. We will deal with all the challenges without taking up your time.
  • We have a whole team in place with expertise in rural properties and low-resale markets. We also have strong relationships with lenders who focus primarily on rural properties
  • Contact us today for a free consultation
  • If you would like to buy out a partner’s share of a seasonal property, JWMortgages can help you finance such a decision.
  • We understand that these types of decisions are stressful and overwhelming. Let us take the work off your hands and give you peace of mind through our expertise and objective recommendations
  • Property decisions in conjuction with major life changes don’t have to be stressful when you surround yourself with professionals who have your best interests at heart
  • Click here to learn more about our recommended legal experts who can help with property distribution and other matters related to family law.
  • Over 15% of working Canadians are self-employed and self-employed households are more likely to have a mortgage vs those salaried. Despite these facts, it’s more challenging to get a mortgage when you are self-employed
  • For the self-employed borrower, Lenders require more documentation, ask more questions and the process takes longer.
  • JWM will take on all this work and aim to make the process as efficient and fast as possible
  • We’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to explain your income to lenders. We will answer all their questions and use our knowledge to explain the strengths in your application.
  • You concentrate on running your business – let JWMortgages take care of the rest
  • The amount of loan for which one can qualify depends on many factors: income, credit score, total debt – these are some of the most influential criteria for loan approval
  • JWMortgages can give you an estimate for a loan amount based on a quick 15 minute phone call
  • For an approximate estimate check out our calculator
  • One’s mortgage payments depend on many factors: loan value, amortization, interest rates – these are all critical elements
  • JWMortgages can give you an estimate for a loan payments based on a quick 15 minute phone call
  • For an approximate estimate check out our payment calculator
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