Consolidating Debt Tips

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  • Working with a mortgage agent is important if you want to fix your financial situation. Of course everything starts with how you change your spending habits.
  • Make a budget and see how much each small purchase adds up.
  • Cut up your credit cards. Research has shown that having easy access to tools that enable us to spend money prevents us from fixing the problem.
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  • If you have multiple loans, credit cards and lines of credit, you are paying many different interest rates – its extremely difficult to figure out what your actual cost of debt is with this type of chaos
  • Consolidate your different debt into one line of borrowing. This will give you a harmonized interest rate that translates into one consistent payment each month. No surprises. No guessing.
  • Check out our payment calculators.
  • JWMortgages will guide you along every step of the way as we present your case to the lenders and negotiate the best rate given your financial situation
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  • Bringing one amount to one lender gives you influence in the negotiation with the lender
  • JWMortgages will guide you along every step of the negotiation process
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  • First you need to understand what your credit score is.
  • Next you need to understand how lenders view your score and how that affects your loan qualification.
  • Now you need to understaned how to fix your credit score. Book a meeting with JWMortgages to find out how we can help.
  • The amount of loan for which one can qualify depends on many factors: income, credit score, other debt – these are are some of the most influential criteria for loan approval.
  • JWMortgages can give you an estimate for a loan amount based on a quick 15 minute phone call.
  • For an approximate estimate check out our calculator
  • One’s mortgage payments depends on many factors: loan value, amortization, interest rates – these are all critical elements
  • JWMortgages can give you an estimate for a loan payments based on a quick 15 minute phone call
  • For an estimate check out our payment calculator
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